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What Causes You To Market?

Mitch Seigel, VP - Business Development
Jun 16, 2016


What causes you to market?

In the age of ROI, it is imperative that there is a reason, a cause, for marketing.  Marketing to only brand your product or service is just not cutting it any longer, not to mention, only affordable by a few elite companies.

So what’s your cause?  It could be that your company is introducing new product lines, or possibly having a season clearance sale to unload inventory.  Or it may be that your company is in full support of a charitable cause. The latter gives your company several directions to expose the cause, while giving great messaging about your company.

If you support a charitable cause, most media will offer public service messages to support your effort.  So if you build an event with the purpose of donating proceeds to the cause of choice, you can essentially double your exposure by working the public service perspective with the media you choose to be part of your campaign.

In addition, the message of support to a charitable cause gives your target market an over the top impression of your company, far beyond moving inventory!  So it is vitally important, and a great opportunity to match the charitable cause you select with the target market of your company.  If you take the time to secure a solid match, your customers and potential customers will be more inclined to offer support along with your company.

There is such an enormous choice of worthwhile causes to support.  See MOB Media example at http://www.mobmedia.com/casestudies/barbells-for-boobs.  That is why it is so important to take the time to make the right choice.  Possibly you can rotate two to three different causes throughout the year so you can reach a few sub-markets and offer help to a variety organizations.

What are your challenges when it comes to cause marketing?  We look forward to hearing your comments.  Until next time…