bringing a dream venture to life.


Ed Szubielski came to us with a simple yet daunting idea; Bring his lifelong passion for wine into a reality with the creation of his own winery. From designing a memorable mark, to bottle labels and a unique website, we’ve crafted a once-in-a-lifetime platform that will help forge a legacy for years to come.

A NEW mark.

Creating a mark that represents a new and vibrant winery is a challenge that we embraced with enthusiasm and dedication.The result was a stunning logomark that is sure to stand the test of time.


How do design bottle labels that will stand out in a very crowded marketplace? By throwing away convention and forging our own path. The good people at EB Winery were pleased at the results.


Simply stated, a website becomes your best salesperson. Our goal was to craft an online presence that would fulfill its mandate... from desktop viewers to a truly unique mobile experience, we deliver a dynaimic final product....with a twist!

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