Eco Centre is a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles by providing neighborhood friendly, green vehicles. These vehicles are called NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles). Their consumer friendly vehicles offer entry-level, electric vehicle access to everyone for everyday use in and around the neighborhood.


As a relatively new entry into the electric vehicle market, Eco Centre was virtually unknown as a brand. Everyone wants to be green, but Eco Centre wanted to be a brand player in the alternative vehicle market. We were tasked with creating an audience for a new category of vehicles – ones that are specifically for neighborhoods and campus-style environments.

Our Solution.

MOB Media worked with Eco Centre to create a memorable brand, which took the idea of “green” to heart and expanded it to include the niche market of neighborhood friendly vehicles. Their recognition as a green player was elevated from relative obscurity to visibility within state and national audiences. In doing so, we developed the brand as well as the target audience that segmented well with the brand – such areas as islands and beach communities, resorts, campuses, and rural areas.

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