Success Education Colleges (SEC) is a thriving system of nine career college campuses represented by three brands, North-West College, Glendale Career College and Nevada Career Institute. Founded in the mid 1960's, this family-owned organization was focused on major expansion as a new generation of ownership stepped forward in recent years.


Because of their initial relative anonymity in the marketplace, and strenuous competition from more established vocational schools, we had to find creative ways (with limited budget and resources) to not only, create awareness for the SEC brand, but (more importantly) increase student enrollment.

Our Solution.

Our roadmap for SEC started with the following objectives:
- Achieve sustained growth in campus populations for all three colleges (NWC, GCC and NCI) - Steady increases in potential student inquiries - Falling cost per inquiries (CPI)

MOB Media introduced SEC to the plans and processes used previously with great success for school groups like Heald College, Gryphon Colleges and many others. Because of our vast experience and aforementioned successes in this sector, we were able to leverage our unique strategies into creating more than 200% growth from our initial engagement until today.

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