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Our People

  • Jeffrey Monroe | President

    jeffResponsible for running a company and keeping an eye on the bottom line may be what it says on the label, but few things are more enjoyable to Jeff than spending time in a creative haze, consumed by ideas, watching the work come to life. It's this passion for developing that helps keep MOB Media on the cutting edge of technology whether it's programming, video production or business strategy - Jeff's in the middle of it all and help brings it to life. When not trying to create the next great program, you'll find Jeff fast and furious at his local karate studio teaching krav maga or meditative and serene sitting in lotus position in yoga class.
  • Ivan Betancourt | Sr. Art Director

    ivanWith a keen eye toward the latest design trends and a brain that translates weird things from Spanish to English, Ivan designs and maintains many campaigns for our clients. From imagining new brands to developing websites, this guy can do it all. His color and creative acumen does not stop in his designs, he color coordinates his attires better than anyone in the office.
  • Jessica Gray | Sr. Media Planner/Buyer

    jessicaWhat do you get when you blend a dedicated ad professional with roots in video content creation and a Masters in Communications with a penchant for dancing and gymnastics? Well, with this mixology, you get a healthy dose of Jessica Gray, seasoned media planner and buyer with mad skills in digital media and campaign analysis, along with exceptional client service abilities. Jessica comes to MOB Media with a strong agency background and millennial viewpoint. She’s worked with major national retailers, restaurants, healthcare, large universities and education sector clients and more. She plans multi-million dollar traditional and digital media; and yet finds time to perfect her seasoned skill as a ballet dancer. 

    Her hats are many, but one thing can be said for Jessica – she’s all in for our clients.
  • Stephanie Susa | Social Media

    stephStephanie is Communications-Advertising graduate from California State University, Fullerton, who is passionate about all things advertising. Her passion for advertising stems from the constant innovation in the field, the endless possibilities. Stephanie started as a Media Intern at MOB, and after showing how great of an asset she was, we had to have her working here full-time. Stephanie’s main area of expertise as a Project Manager is social media. She ensures the success of our clients’ and MOB’s social media by maintaining a presence that is strategic and creative. Along with all things social media, she is involved in the daily reporting and management of our client’s pay-per-click. She is the go to girl for our Senior Media Buyers when they need assisting. She also plays a crucial role to our production team, in charge of casting for our shoots. We are glad to have this new grad on our team, as her experience and know-how grows every day! One last note, in the office, she is called the "Babyface Assassin." Ask her why.
  • Curtis Wilson | Video Producer

    curtisTo say that Curtis is the biggest Star Wars fan that ever lived would be underselling it a little bit. Curtis is involved in all aspects of video production, from editing content, to offer help on our shoots, and of course, sporting the largest collection of Star Wars t-shirts known to mankind. A student at the Art Institute of California and a recent winner of the "Best Editing and Best Sound Design" awards from the 2011 Christian Youth Film Festival, Curtis can be counted on to bring a positive attitude and outstanding abilities to any endeavor.
  • Paul Otis | Chief Executive Officer

    paulSeeing the world as a myriad of media opportunities has kept Paul interested and informed in this ever-changing media landscape. First and foremost, Paul is looking for accountability in everything MOB Media does. That goes beyond the day-to-day activities at the agency, and is sewn into the fabric of our culture including client services and "our family" satisfaction. Paul believes, the key to a successful company is great clients to work with and a happy, effective and motivated team of employees to support them. Outside the walls of MOB Media (there is an outside?), Paul spends time with his son, a recent Cal Berkeley graduate and fellow world traveler (ask Paul about their recent adventures in Germany.) Finding himself now living at the beach and enjoying all it entails, Paul’s predilection for taking sunset pictures, the good life, friends, music and the consumption of media round out his after-hours enjoyment.
  • Chris Buckner | Accounting

    chrisThe fact that Chris is great with numbers is a point of great comfort for all of us at MOB. In charge of all things accounting, she makes sure that our partners and vendors get paid, that the lights stay on, and that there is enough money in the bank at the end of the day to make sure that all of us get paid! Chris comes to us with a plethora of experience in industries as varied as banking and engineering. Chris is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton.