Stephanie Susa
Project Manager - Social Media


Stephanie is a recent Communications-Advertising graduate from California State University, Fullerton, who is passionate about all things advertising. Her passion for advertising stems from the constant innovation in the field, the endless possibilities. Stephanie started as a Media Intern at MOB, and after showing how great of an asset she was, we had to have her working here full-time. Stephanie’s main area of expertise as a Project Manager is social media. She ensures the success of our clients’ and MOB’s social media by maintaining a presence that is strategic and creative. Along with all things social media, she is involved in the daily reporting and management of our client’s pay-per-click. She is the go to girl for our Senior Media Buyers when they need assisting. She also plays a crucial role to our production team, in charge of casting for our shoots. We are glad to have this new grad on our team, as her experience and know-how grows every day! One last note, in the office, she is called the "Babyface Assassin." Ask her why.