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MOB Media has scripted, produced, shot and edited TV commercials and promotional videos for American Career College (ACC) since 2005 and WCU (West Coast University) since 2013. During most of this time, MOB Media has been the primary production company for ACC, and has created and provided both schools with over 120 commercials to promote their health care programs. And the audiences couldn’t be more different. ACC offers mostly diploma-granting programs, which targets a different type of audience than WCU which is made up of mostly Associates, Bachelors and Master degree programs in the healthcare industry.

Each spot is customized to target the demographic and reflect the relevancy of the messaging and programs. MOB Media has also been tasked to develop and produce various videos for online use promoting the schools, grand openings, programs, graduates, graduations, student services and so much more. We have used footage from our many shoots to create web content videos that have been used in ACC’s social marketing campaigns, and other video projects.

MOB Media has had a successful partnership with ACC because there is mutual respect and a true cooperation between the client and us. We are able to produce great work at a reasonable cost because both teams were on board and pulling the same direction. Most recently, we won another Telly Award for:30 TV commercial Photo Booth – the spot was a new way at looking at the same new year messaging that schools go through. With innovation and client latitude, we were all able to produce a winning commercial.

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